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Kali Nethunter 3.0 Installation On Unrooted Android Device

Install the latest version of kali nethunter without root in android

If you ever tried to install Kali Nethunter in your non-rooted android device, then you would have definitely failed due to a lot of installation errors and fixing these errors is quite challenging. That’s why in this article i am going to help you to install the latest version of Kali Nethunter in your non-rooted android device in very simple steps and without facing any problems.

By installing Kali Nethunter in your android device you can turn your smartphone into a portable hacking machine. There is also another version of Kali Nethunter which you can only install on rooted android devices. That version has some additional features than rootless version.

There are some limits in kali nethunter rootless version like you can’t run Wireshark, there is no Metasploit database support and you can’t use wifi adapter etc. These limitations won’t affect you if you are not doing some heavy work. While in rooted version there is no limit for anything. But still Non-rooted version is enough powerfull, you can do a lot of stuff which you can’t imagine.

Then what are we waiting for let’s begin the installation process

• Prerequisites

> Android device

> Termux app (Download here)

> VNC Viewer app (Download here)

> Internet access

> Basic knowledge of linux commands

> 5 GB internet data and

> 10 GB device storage

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• Steps To Install Kali Nethunter In Android Device Without Root

STEP 1. Open the Termux app and enter the following commands one by one

i) <span class="has-inline-color has-black-color">pkg update</span>

This command will update the packages.

ii) pkg upgrade

This command upgrades the pre-installed packages to latest version available.

iii) pkg install wget

This command will install wget package globally.

iv) wget -O install-nethunter-termux

With this command the base installation file of kali nethunter rootless will get downloaded.

v) termux-setup-storage

This command gives termux app access, read and write permissions to your internal storage.

vi) chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

This command will make the installation file executable.

vii) ./install-nethunter-termux

When you will execute this command the main installation process will begin and It will take some time depending on your internet connection speed and device specifications to get downloaded. When the file is downloaded successfully it will then extract the file which will take around 10-20 minutes and when the file gets extracted successfully you will see a welcome screen from Kali Nethunter in your terminal.

STEP 2. Before connecting to the desktop environment, we first have to set a password. To set the password enter this nethunter kex passwd following command in terminal. Now it will ask you to enter password you can set the password of your choice but i suggest you to set a password that is small and easy to remember because we will need this password later when connecting to the desktop experience.


• Connecting To Kali Nethunter Desktop Experience

STEP 3. Now we need to connect to the Kali Nethunter desktop environment and In order to connect to the desktop environment execute this command nethunter kex & in your terminal.

STEP 4. Open VNC Viewer app and click on the plus(+) icon on the right bottom corner. It will ask you to enter address and name. In the address field enter this text localhost:5901 and in the name field you can write down any name you want. Click on create button. Now click on green coloured connect button, and it will show a warning don’t worry about it just click ok. It will ask you to enter the password. Remember when we created the password in step 2, enter that password here and click on continue button on the top right corner.


• Kali Nethunter Commands Usage

nethunterStart kali nethunter CLI
nethunter kex passwdconfigure the kex password
nethunter kex &start kali nethunter GUI
nethunter kex stopstop kali nethunter GUI
nethunter -rstart kali nethunter command line interface as root user
nethunter -r kex passwdconfigure kex password for root
nethunter <command>run <command> in nethunter environment
nethunter -r kex killkill all kex sessions
nethunter -r kex stopstart kali GUI as root
nethunter -r <command>run <command> in nethunter environment as root

Basic kali nethunter commands

• Top 10 Ethical Hacking Tools

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1. Acunetix

2. Metasploit Framework

3. SQLmap

4. Burpsuite

5. Wifilite

6. Aircrack-ng

7. Wireshark

8. Nikto

9. Kismet

10. NMap

• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

> What is kali nethunter?

Kali NetHunter is a free and open- source mobile penetration testing platform for Android bias, grounded on Kali Linux. is available for un-rooted bias, for confirmed bias that have a standard recovery, and for confirmed bias with custom recovery for which a NetHunter specific kernel is available.

> What is CLI?

A command- line interface processes commands to a computer program in the form of lines of textbook. The program which handles the interface is called a command- line practitioner or command- line processor.

> What is GUI?

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The graphical stoner interface is a form of stoner interface that allows druggies to interact with electronic bias through graphical icons and audio index similar as primary memorandum, rather of textbook- grounded stoner interfaces, compartmented command markers or textbook navigation

TIP: You can use shorthand property nh instead of writing full word nethunter

And boom! that’s it guys, we have finally connected to the Kali Nethunter GUI. Now you can run any tool you want. It comes with a variety of pre-installed hacking tools and other technologies. If you faced any errors during the installation process just leave a comment below i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Click here to read the official documentation of Kali Nethunter rootless

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  1. Hello!
    Im a new user of this.But im facing a problem while using the Graphical interfere or Kex.
    When i use the kex server for
    1-2 minutes,it is stoped automatic. How can i solve this problem??plzzzzz say.???

  2. When the installation finish ,the notice apear that :

    Rootfs corupted, please run this insteller again or download it manually

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